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LCTECH is a full-service injection plastic mold maker & Low volume plastic injection molding company in China. We specialize in manufacturing mould for plastic injection and provide injection molding service. Our services includes outdoor power equipment, medical devices, and industries of electrical, electronic and automotive. Over 20 years, We offer professional service of plastic product design, plastic mold flow design and plastic mold design. All of our designs are of manufacturability to save the mold cost for our customers. We also can make thermoplastic injection molds such as 2K injection molds, unscrewing molds, multi-cavity molds, multiple action molds, insert molds and over molds. Besides, injection molding low to high volume production and contract assembly is also inside our service area. We are good at making difficult-to-process engineering resins, high temperature material like PEEK and PSU, metal replacement and precision plastic components.

We understand the importance of paying attention to plastic mold details to ensure customer satisfaction. As a professional injection plastic mold maker, our mold engineers will work closely with you to design your injection mold. Both our plastic parts design process and injection plastic molds manufacture will be quality and efficient. LCTECH takes single-source and vertical integration technology, with new tooling. The technology makes the transition of injection molding easier and more flexible. We can handle your T-0, T-1 sample and short-run production timely. We ensure that they can be shipped and totally utilized in your future production before your launch your program.

Greater cost savings can be realized simply from streamlining the supply chain through a successful relationship with the right injection mould company. A good plastic injection mold company will be able to act as a single source of supply, helping to design a part for manufacturability, build the best mould for plastic injection, select the right materials, mold the part, and provide any secondary operations required. Choosing LCTECH plastic mold maker will help you shorten the product development cycle, and get your plastic products on the market faster. 


Rapid Prototyping

3D Printing and Machining Prototyping

Precision CNC Machining

3X/4X/5X CNC Turning machining

Mold Making

Protyping tool to Series production Tool

Injection Molding

Low volumn to mass injection

Die Casting

Zinc&Alu&Magnesium alloy DieCasting


Ultrasonic Welding, Inserting,
Gasket forming etc


LCTECH leads the plastic technology industry in China for Mold making, Plastic Mold, Injection PartsRapid-Prototyping in China. The manufactured Plastic Mold Production fulfills high-standards in quality and time for international customers. Our high precision mold-making technology is especially for these customers who requires advanced equipment and excellent know-how in plastic mold from China.

Early Supplier Involvement for plastic part design optimization, design for manufacturability, eeasibility study and moldflow

Advanced Mold manufacturing equipment, Rich experience in plastic tooling and injection molding manufacturing

Innovative Mold and molding solution makes low cost than other Chinese mold manufacturers , Fast Delivery Time, Flexible Payment Terms and Trade Terms

One Stop Services From Part Design To Final Delivery, Prototype to Production Molds, Low Volume to High Volume Part Production

LCTECH mould factory is ISO 9001:2015 Certified. PPAP to ensure all requirements are documented, understood and reliably implemented.

Focused on Customer Satisfaction, Technical Sales Support To Communicate Through All Stages of the Project. Lifetime Mold Guarantee

Mould for plastic injection, known as Injection plastic molds, is commonly used for producing high volume plastic parts. With a large plastic injection molding machine, injection plastic molds can output large plastic parts. With a smaller plastic injection molding machine, injection plastic molds can make precise and small plastic products for medical applications. In addition, there are many types of plastic additives that can be used in the injection plastic molding process, increasing its flexibility for product designers and engineers.

Many companies have found that injection plastic molds manufacturing overseas is cost-effective. You may probably heard bad stories about the Chinese injection plastic molds being of low quality. But the outsourcing market of plastic injection molds China has grown steadily, there are many plastic manufacturing companies all over the world that continues to buy China plastic injection molds or China plastic injection molding service; some of them placing big volume orders and some even opening their own office in China to source injection plastic molds from injection mould company in China.

  1. China plastic mold makers can provide lower price with high quality. In China, there has lots of plastic mold makers and injection molding manufacturers as you known, thus there has a fierce competition in injection molding industry. This situation takes a result that Chinese plastic mold makers & plastic injection molding companies could provide higher quality with lower price. Though Chinese molding price is lower than Europe, the quality it provides is no less excellent than Europe.
  2. Efficient collaboration. Chinese injection molding manufacturers always work closely with their customers. LCTECH injection mould company not only provide injection plastic molds and injection molding service for our customers, we also prepare to solve any problem which may confuse our customers at any time. And our service begin at you connect with us at first time, and no end even you receive our molded plastic parts or mould for plastic injection . We are your sincere partner all the time.
  3. Policy. Since Chinese government had published the reform and opening-up policy, the value of trade has soared. Nowadays, China has a comprehensive system of import and export, preferential tariff policy. All of them attract enterprises over the world make business collaboration with Chinese plastic injection mold company and plastic injection molding companies.
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Finding an injection plastic mold maker as your molding partner is a good choice. Creating molding business which China plastic mold maker will take lots of advantages for you than cooperate with other plastic mold maker.

Generally speaking, the cost of making plastic injection molds depend on following factors.
1.Mold Raw Material: Tow block-like steels, which can be shaped as needing parts. Different material has different cost. Select quality and affordable material is optimal decision for plastic injection molds making.
2.CAD/CAM: Injection molds manufacturers have to create a 3D mirror image of the item for machining the raw material. Plus the fixtures needed for the injection mold to work.
3.Machining: If you want to create a complex shape of mold, the injection mould company need a 5 aixs machining center, which may cost you around $80/hr to $120/ht.
4.Finishing: This process can polish the surface, and will take a long time.
5.Quality Assurance: Checking dimensions and quality of the plastic injection mold by a coordinate machine to ensure the injection mold has high-quality.
Nearly all plastic injection molds were made by these processes. Different cost may come up in different choice of mold material, the size and design of your molds.
There is a formula of mold price:
Mold Price = Material Fee + Design Fee + Processing Fee & Profit+ Value Added Tax + Trial Test Fee + Package Shipping Fee

Usually, a plastic injection mold costs between $1,000 to $90,000. LCTECH provide the MUD insert mold start with $500, learn more about

Steel selection in the plastic mold can be as critical to the success of a plastics application as the selection of resin is to the end use performance requirements of the Plastic Injection Molded Product. The correct steel hardness must be determined to maintain the proper balance between wear and toughness so tooling components don’t wear out prematurely.

IMPAX 718HPrehardened, HRC36-42Pre-hardened type, high purity with isotropic microstructure
contains 1.0% Ni
High quality mold inserts, best suitable for PA,POM, PS, PE, PP, ABS Material
STAVAX S136Heat treatment to HRC48-52High purity, high polishability to mirror finish, with good
corrosion resistance and low distortion after heat treatment.
High quality mold inserts with mirror surface finish and good
corrosion resistance, anti-corrosive cooling channel, best suitable for PVC, PP, EP,PC, PMMA material
STAVAX S136HPrehardened, HRC31-36High purity, high polishability to mirror finish, with good
corrosion resistance and low distortion
High quality mold inserts with mirror surface finish and good
corrosion resistance, anti-corrosive cooling channel, best suitable for PVC, PP, EP,PC, PMMA material
ORVAR 8407Heat treatment to HRC48-52Hot work tool steel with high toughness and good high
temperature strength
Die casting, extrusion, cold hobbing, best suitable for PA, POM,PS, PE Material
NAK 80Prehardened, HRC40-43Pre-hardened type with high hardness, good
polishability,excellent photo-etchingability, good EDM machining and
Custom plastic molds require high wear resistance and excellent surface
P20HHPrehardened, HRC36-42With special chemical composition adjustment and good forging process/forging ratio, mechanical properties are better than normal AISI P20 tool steels.Mold inserts, best suitable for PA,POM, ABS material
LKM2311Prehardened, HRC29-35Pre-hardened type tool steel.Molds for high quality plastic with long run production
LKM2312Prehardened, HRC29-35Excellent machinability, most suitableable for high speed
volume machining.
Mold for general use and core parts
LKM738Prehardened, HRC29-35High quality pre-hardened type tool steel, uniform in hardness
and high machinability
molds with high toughness and good finishing.
LKM738HPrehardened, HRC36-42High quality pre-hardened type tool steel, uniform in hardness
and high machinability
Custom plastic molds with high toughness and good finishing.
LKM2083Heat treatment to HRC48-52Hardness can be obtained up to 50 – 52 HRC with proper heat
treatment in order to obtain better polishability, wear resistance and/or corrosion resistance
Corrosion resistance plastic molds
LKM2083HPrehardened, HRC29-35Pre-hardened type, corrosion resistance, high polishabityCorrosion resistance plastic molds.
LKM2316 Prehardened, HRC29-35Pre-hardened type, high corrosion resistanceCorrosion resistance plastic molds.
H13Heat treatment to HRC48-52Good toughnessSuitable for hard custom plastic molds, sliders, zinc die casting
1.2343Heat treatment to HRC48-52Good high temperature strength and high toughness, good
resistance to heat checking
Suitable for die casting
for aluminium and zinc alloys, hard plastics molds.
1.2344Heat treatment to HRC48-52Good high temperature strength, suitable for die casting.Suitable for die casting for aluminium and zinc alloys, hard plastics molds.

Polishing and Texturing are the two main considerations for the injection mold steel surface.

  • Polishing: Polishing is a manual process that removes machining marks on the plastic mold surface and provides a uniform finish.
  • Texturing: There are several ways to texture a plastic mold surface such as sand blasting, EDM or Etching.

The choice of surface finish needs to be established very early in the design phase. The reason for this is because the finish type influences the tooling that needs to be used during the manufacturing process. The rougher the finish, the higher the draft angle needed to be able to easily eject the part from the custom injection molds. No matter what kind of surface finish you desire, Stebro Mold will be sure to exceed your expectations.

SPI A-1Grade #3, 6000 Grit Diamond Buff0.012 to 0.025Super High Glossy Polish
SPI A-2Grade #6, 3000 GritDiamond Buff0.025 to 0.05High Glossy Polish
SPI A-3Grade #15, 1200 Grit Diamond Buff0.05 to 0.1Normal Glossy
SPI B-1600 Grit Paper0.05 to 0.1Fine Semi-Glossy
SPI B-2400 Grit Paper0.1 to 0.15Medium Semi-Glossy
SPI B-3320 Grit Paper0.28 to 0.32Normal Semi-Glossy
SPI C-1600 Grit Stone0.35 to 0.4Fine Matte
SPI C-2400 Grit Stone0.45 to 0.55Medium Matte
SPI C-3320 Grit Stone0.63 to 0.7Normal Matte
SPI D-1Dry Blast Glass Bead #110.8 to 1Satin Textured
SPI D-2Dry Blast #240 Oxide1 to 2.8Dull Textured
SPI D-3Dry Blast #24 Oxide3.2 to 18Rough Textured
Milling Machine Surface 3.2 with visible machining marks 
VDI Surface   
Mold Tech Surface   
Special Texture according to the samples   

Once we understand your needs and optimized the part design, we will start the mold design. The main goal of mold design and tooling is to create a product with highest possible manufacturability. That means a high-quality process that is simple and efficient, long-lasting, easy to operate and maintain, and that meets all customer specifications—all at the lowest possible cost. From flow analysis to runner and gate sizing to cooling analysis to venting recommendations to temperature and pressure sensor recommendations, we’ll look at every aspect of injection mold design to ensure your custom injection molds are as close to perfect as possible.

LCTECH manufactures a wide range of custom plastic molds from prototypes to complex final production molds. Our custom injection molds types including:

Singel Cavity MoldsA single-cavity mould produces a single plastic product per injection molding cycle, For the low volumes injection molding, we suggest to use single cavity injection molds.
Multi-Cavity  MoldsA multi-cavity mould produces more than one plastic product per injection molding cycle. Multi cavity mold are used to increase production rate.
Family MoldsFamily molds are used to produce two or more different components in one injection cycle. Family mold reduces overall tool manufacturing cost because in this two different parts are manufactured with one mold.
Hot Runner Injection MoldHot runner injection mold consists of two plates that are heated using a manifold system. In this system, runners are heated to keep injected thermoplastic in molten state. runner is situated internally in the mold. Therefore runners are not ejected with molded parts. 
Cold Runner Injection MoldCold runner molds are two plate or three plate molds. In this, runners are not heated up. Therefore after the injection cycle sprue, runner and gate are cooled with molded parts. As a result, runners and gates are ejected with molded parts.
2K Injection Molds2K Injection mold, known as two color Injection mold, two shot mold, twin-shot mold, dual-shot mold, double color mold, double shot mold, 2K mold and 2K tooling
Over MoldsTwo injection molds, one mold for the hard material and the other one for the soft material.
Insert Molds

Plastic custom injection molds for insert injection molding.

Unscrewing Molds, Rotating-Core Molds

Unscrewing actions are used for threaded features. The material is molded around the unscrewing action and once cooled, the action turns and unscrews itself from the part.

Gas-Assisted Injection molds

A special custom injection mold for Gas-Assisted Injection molding.

3 plate molds

Three plate injection mold consists of two parting planes and mold splits in three sections. Therefore runners and components can be located on different parting planes. In three plate molds, the runner is ejected separately to the molded part. 

2 plate molds

2 plate molds consist of one parting plane and the mold splits at parting plane. In a multi cavity two plate mold, runner and gate must be in parting plane. So that they can be ejected when mold splits. 

MUD molds

MUD mold includes a standard injection molding frame that utilizes a number of inserts in order to define the shape of the internal cavity (and thus the eventual part)

Side-Action Molds

Side actions are special features that are designed into a mold to help achieve tricky part features such as lifters, sliders, Collapsible Core and Unscrewing Action.

Collapsing-Core Molds

Collapsible cores release circular undercuts and can be used for threaded features. The part is molded around the core and once cooled, the core collapses to allow the part to be removed from the mold.

Prototype Molds

Prototype injection mold also called soft mold, test mold, development mold or pre-production mold, it can be built quickly to produce plastic prototypes and low volume parts to test the form, assmbly and function of the parts.

SPI Class 101 Molds

Extremely high volume production injection tools built for lifetime cycles exceeding one million.

Injection mold lifetime stands for the number of moulding cycles a mold can make before it needs to be replaced. Any injection mold will be subject to wear.
Plastic injection mold wear will occur particularly to ejectors, gates, slides and other moving parts. Surface finishes such as high gloss polish or sparked finish will also become less defined over time. The mold wear mainly depends on below items: Mold complexity, Injection Mold Steel, Injection Molding Material, Mold setter skill and regular mold maintenance. If the Injection mold have lots of actions such as sliders, lifters, unscrewing mechanisms with many small core pins, molded with high glass-filled material, the moldlife will be shorter than a simple injection mold molded with PP material.

You can take an estimate for mold’s lifetime, which will help you determine whether or not a plastic injection mold live up to its estimated performance. If your injection mold only completed 180,000 before breaking down, while the expectancy of the injection mold was 250,000 cycle, the reason for this performance might be that the operation of molding process is too faster and wear and tear were happened. But the problem might also lies in the mould design. As a professional plastic molding company,we will provide perfect solutions to solve your molding defects.

As long as we’re running your parts in our manufacturing facility, your mold is covered with a lifetime warranty, that means we will maintain, adjust, repair or replace the mold as needed, at no cost to you within the mold lifetime. And in this feild Stebro plastic mold maker promise we have advantages than other plastic mold makers.

Once an injection mould has run a set number of cycles; inspections, maintenance and cleaning should be performed. Regular maintenance and cleaning can improve the shot quality, which ensures consistent plastic parts quality. Injection mold repairs can be costly, so it is important that your injection plastic molds maker provide regular maintenance, cleaning, and if necessary, repair, to protect your mould investment and maintain consistent production. At LCTECH MOLD, we stand behind our injection mold tooling. As long as the plastic injection mold remains with us we will guarantee that mold for life. There will be no repair or maintenance cost on your injection mold service in China.

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