Small to Series Production in China


LCTECH is your reliable partner for custom injection mold making and plastic injection molding manufacturing in China, providing a total concept solution from design and tooling to production, fulfillment, and packaging. Along with plastic injection mold manufacturing, we are focused on plastic injection molding manufacturing in order to provide full services to our customers. We are still trying to provide the best services of custom plastic parts as China manufacturer. Our customers come to us not only for quality parts at the best price delivered on time, but they also look to us for advice on part design, engineering services, support for tooling ideas, and input on the most effective way to incorporate secondary functions. They depend on us for help to satisfy their customers. If you come up with a concept, a design, we can take that to fruition and put it into a deal and manufacture your plastic components and delivery your components to your door.

Our production facility is equipped with 32 sets of Engel and TOYO Injection moulding machines, ranges from 50 Tons to 600 Tons. We are proficient with engineering material and high-end plastics such as PA, PA+GF, PC/ABS, PBT, PEEK, PPSU, PPS and PEI. You are able to work with the same project manager “From Conception to Completion”, reducing lag time in communication between the mold manufacturing company and injection molding supplier, it can significantly reduce downtime and cost when problems arise in production, saving your time and money. The combined effort of our designers and toolmakers results in molds that ensure product quality, precision tolerances, and optimised cycle times.


Plastic Molding Manufacturing Process

Injection molding produces parts by forcing molten material into a mold where it cools and hardens to the mold’s shape. If you want to have well-prefromance custom plastic parts from China. First, you have to have the 3D part design, then we can make the plastic mold according to your part design. After that, we put the mold on the injection molding machine to make the parts. The injection molding cycle is as follows:

1. Clamping

The mold is closed by a clamping unit, screw begins moving forward for injection.

2. Injection

Plastic pellets are fed by means of a hopper into the injection moulding machine. These pellets move towards the mould by the injection unit. The heat surrounding the barrel and the pressure serve to melt the pellets. This molten plastic would then be fed to the mold and the application of pressure make sure the holding and packing of material.

3. Packing and Cooling

The cooling process involves the plastic inside the mould beginning to cool after it makes contact with the interior mould. Cooling is done so as to solidify the molten plastic into the desired shape. The part may shrink slightly during cooling. It must be noted that mold should not be opened until required cooling time is elapsed.

4. Ejection

As soon as the cooling time elapses, the cooled part is subjected to be ejected from the mold with the help of the Ejection Unit. Ejection is done through the opening of mold where a mechanism pushes the final product out of the mold.

High Volumn Injection Molding

Injection molding is one of the oldest high-volume manufacturing processes. This is a specialized service offering full production-quality parts in volumes of up to millions of pieces a month. High-volume plastic injection molding allows for high-tolerance precision, low scrap loss, and cost savings.

LCTECH with 20+years injection molding experience for high volumn, to speed up the cycle time, we use the highest standard molding press, the tooling steel all from Germany and United Status, the inserts cooling according to the parts shape and some of small area with 3D printed inserts with the micro tube cooling system.


Low Volumn Injection Molding

Low volume injection molding is ideal for part design validation, bridge tooling, pilot runs, low volume production, and bridge production quantities. It is a reliable option not only during development but at all stages of a product’s life cycle because quality parts can be supplied quickly and cost-effectively.

LCTECH plastic molding company is redefining manufacturing with our Pre-Production process. Our low volume injection molding are monitored and controlled so you can be assured of all aspects of injection mold design and build. Our tooling and injection molding allows you to have parts in a short time frame. We understand the importance of delivery time of low volume plastic parts, so we will provide your plastic parts quickly and inexpensively


LCTECH is a leader in custom plastic overmolding. Overmolding is a injection molding process which a single part is created using two or more different materials in combination, it is a tyep of multi-material molding. Using two separate injection molds on the injection molding machines, two materials are bonded together during the overmolding process to form plastic parts and components with unique visual or ergonomic appeal. Traditionally, overmolding starts with injection molding a hard plastic resin that has a higher metling point. Then, once that part is cooled, another plastic resin (usually a soft material such as TPE, TPU or TPV) is injection molded over the first part. Sometimes called elastomeric overmolding, elastomer overmolding. Small touches of overmolded soft touch plasic can make a big impact on product value. Getting it right depends on the strength of the bond between hard and soft plastic, each material must be carefully selected to ensure a chemical compatibility, as well as a thermal compatibility.

With overmolding, you can improve the functionality, look, and bond strength of your product while saving time and reducing costs


2K Injection molding is also known as two shot injection molding, twin shot injection moulding, two shot molding, two color injection molding, twin shot injection molding, dual shot molding, double injection molding, double shot molding, co injection molding, and bi injection molding. The 2K injection molding process two different plastics or 2 colors into one integrated part. These plastics can have different structures, colors, properties, and levels of hardness. 2K injection molding process reduces set-up and assembly times in injection molding, integrate functions, combines product properties, and reduces material and work steps. It creates a high-quality connection along with the advantages of two materials with different properties. With the help of co injection molding process, parts can include a transparent window, movable segments, water shields, integrated gaskets, or sound or vibration reduction. The coordination of machine, 2k injection mold, and 2k molding materials is particularly vital in 2K injection molding. The injection units must work in harmony, but must always be independently controllable.

LCTECH as become well-known for its 2K moulding capability. Our facilities and expertise enable us to produce complicated 2K parts from two different polymers, especially when it comes to complex geometries. We can help you to optimize the 2K plastic part design, select the best materials that meet bonding requirements for 2K mold design, 2K mold manufacturing, and co injection molding manufacturing, all are under one roof.

Clear Room Injection for Medical device

LCTECH own the 100,000 class clean room injection for medical device during the CO-VID 19 Pandemic period. there are 8sets molding machine running day and night for Vacutainer tube and pipette tip. for learn about our medical device molding project, please contact our medical sales team

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